Stablecoins that grow while you sleep

Just sit back, HODL and earn up to 15% APY!

How does it work?

Swap USDC for INT5 and you're done!

Deposit USDC

Simply send USDC to the provided address.

You receive INT5

For every USDC you deposit, you will receive one INT5 token.

Sit back and earn

Simply hold the INT5 token and you will receive more every single day.

Using Benefits

INTX is the easiest way to earn with your crypto.

Passive Earnings

Buy INT5 then sit back and earn every day.

Starting with INT5

INT5 is a token that earns 5% APY automatically, compounding daily.

Earn up to 15% with bonuses

Earn an extra 2% for holding 10% of the value of your INT5 in FAST tokens or an extra 10% if you hold 20% of the value in FAST! ?


Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We've got answers

Simply hold 10% of the value of your INT5 tokens in FAST in the same wallet. For example, if you had 10,000 INT5 (which is worth $10,000) and FAST is at $0.05, then 10% of $10,000 would be 20,000 FAST tokens. So if you have 20,000 or more FAST in the same wallet as your INT5, you'd earn an extra 2%!

If you hold 20% of the value of your INT5 tokens in FAST in the same wallet, you'll get a 10% bonus!

Bonuses are paid in FAST tokens.

Buy FAST Now!

Yes. INT5 is just like any other ERC20/GO20 token. You can send it to anyone you want. Give it as a gift! The gift that keeps on giving.

Check balance and send INT5 here

$1. INT5 is always worth $1 and can be swapped back to USDC at any time.

GoChain allows us to send tokens for less than a penny which is what makes all of this possible. If we had to pay blockchain fees on other blockchains, INT5 wouldn't be possible because we'd lose to much on fees while making daily interest payouts.

go:USDC is USDC bridged/wrapped on GoChain. Again, for the exact same reason, so we can send them around for a fraction of a penny. go:USDC can be swapped back to USDC on Ethereum at

The minimum is 100 INT5. If you hold less than 100 INT5 you will not receive the daily interest.

The USDC collected in exchange for INT5 is put into lending markets to earn interest. This interest is then passed along to you!

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